Melt, Burgers & Ribs

Brand direction, March 2020


Current situation

Melt, Burgers & Ribs

Melt, Burgers & Ribs is a dining venue established in 2017 and located in Beachlands, Auckland, New Zealand.

Melt is currently expanding their business with a second location, to be positioned as their 'flag ship' restaurant. This new venue will be located at 'The Square', culinary entertainment & restaurant area in the new Ormiston Town Centre, currently in development on the South side of Auckland.

The Ormiston Town Centre

The Ormiston Town Centre aims to become an 'inviting meeting place that provides a new vibrant shopping experience, enhancing the community connection and lifestyle that has something for everyone'.

In order to align with Ormiston's vision and meet the high level of quality expected for the town centre, their tenants are expected to deliver 'a remarkable guest experience with exciting products and immaculate design execution'.

Why brand direction?

Purpose & outcome

Authentic and effective branding requires clarity. Business objectives, customer needs/expectations and brand personality all need to be clearly defined in order to communicate a brand's message and offering successfully.

This brand direction is designed to define and collect the required information in a comprehensive and clarifying manner. To function as guidance for and all future design decisions and setting the communication outlines for current and future Melt establishments.


After approval, the clarifying insights defined in the brand direction will provide a starting point for the initial style direction (stylescapes).

This style direction is intended to connect all the dots into a visual proposal, and to be used as the base for all further design deliverables.


Eliminate confusion

Create a coherent direction for all Melt's visual language, in order to eliminate current confusion and establish clarity around the offering and expected dining experience.


Align Melt's core values, customer needs/expectations and brand personality into a competitive and sustainable branding. Future-proofing Melt for the aspired growth for the next couple of years.

Melt's core values

Passion for comfort food

Melt believes that a good meal should put a smile on your face. Melt stands for rich and honest ingredients prepared simply, all in favour of delivering a nostalgic feeling of cozy homemade food.

Multi cultural

Melt celebrates the multi-cultural urban influences found in big urban cities. Welcoming and serving all nationalities Melt boldly blends international flavours into food that reminds you of home.

Art, not science

No pre-measured or uniform approaches at Melt. But a hands-on, homemade attitude is the drive behind Melt's dining experience and reflected in the menu, fit-out and all visual communication.

Customer expectations

A fulfilling meal

Customers at Melt expect to join the table for a plate of proper food. When craving for a comforting and fulfilling meal while you don't feel like worrying about your diet, Melt delivers satisfaction, guaranteed.

Part of the family

The cozy setting at Melt, welcoming atmosphere and great customer service evoke the feeling of being at home. The pleasant feeling of being part of the family is what people keep coming back for.


Dining at Melt is an inspiring experience. Triggered by the confident voice and street art/food related elements, throughout the fit-out, which are used to amplify the artisan approach in Melt's kitchen.

Melt's offering

BBQ style comfort food

Melt's passion for comfort food is reflected in their choice of honest ingredients and simple BBQ style preparation methods.


Mostly grilled international dishes presented in a cozy, hospitable setting provide for a welcoming and pleasant dining experience.


Melt's chefs pride themselves for making most sauces and condiments in-house. Making use of local and honest ingredients when possible.

Brand attributes


How would customers describe Melt?


Family friendly



How can we describe Melt's customers?

Multi cultural


Social savvy


How does Melt's personality sound?





How customers feel after interacting with Melt?



Eager to share

At Melt we believe a good meal puts a smile on your face.


The following Stylescape is based on all brand insights as defined in this Brand Direction. It's designed to provide an initial brand feeling, to be used as a starting point for all future brand deliverables.

open Stylescape


Melt, Burgers & Ribs - brand direction

Patrick Simons & Richard Keddell, March 2020


Melt's drive

What is the driving force behind Melt?

The Process

How does Melt manifest it's values?

Results in...

Resulting in what offering?


Something about consistency throughout all communication...

The need for professional copywriter, photography, staff uniforms, etc.

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