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Brand Strategy?

This is a process and outcome of identifying your business goals, paint points and ideal customers, to create a clear plan that achieves those goals. This process begins with 'Discovery'.

Why would you need it?

Think of a brand strategy as your playbook to refer to, time and time again. In a branding engagement, we need this playbook to refer to, so that we ensure the needs of your business and customers are being met when developing an identity.


This helps us understand your business, how we can delight your dream customers & achieve your goals.

  • Define your brand's 'why', 'how' & 'what'
  • Discover your brand's core attributes
  • Identify your customers and their needs
  • Outline and prioritise your goals

"We need to understand your vision for success, to assist achieving your goals with creative solutions."


A clear voice that engages with your customers.

An unclear and boring message on your website, social media or email marketing can lose you customers and in turn, sales. We help you develop a clear and consistent copy that will engage your customers. I help you craft copy that you won't need to hire a copywriter for, which gives you a consistent end-to-end identity to utilise.

Brand Story

To develop a clear and engaging message we craft a brand narrative that tells both your story and your customers. A story for them to relate to and connect with. Part of that story requires knowing how to communicate it in different ways and to different people, so that you are confident of delivering an elevator pitch within seconds.

  • Develop a story for your brand
  • Create your direct call to action
  • Craft a catchy and memorable tagline
  • Deliver a simple, knockout USP
  • Translate your message into content marketing that is consistent


Your brand deserves an identity that is visually recognisable and memorable. A logo is how your customer will recognise you from metres away, a brand is what your customers remember when they walk away. We help you create a visual identity that is simple - not boring - so that your customers have something to remember and talk about.

Creative Deliverables

Your brand deserves a visual identity that is consistent across its touch points that leaves a lasting first impression. I help you develop simple but effective visual identities that can easily translate across a range of creative deliverables, both now and with the future of your business in mind.

  • Logos that become your calling card
  • Guidelines that keep your brand consistent
  • Stationery, packaging & signage assets
  • Social media & marketing content
  • Website design & production


How much does branding cost?

Unfortunately I can't give you a set cost. I know, sorry. Our branding projects vary between the clients we work with as the pain points, needs and goals are different and no two businesses are the same. If you get in contact, our initial call will shed light on a price for how we can hit your goals. The most beneficial goal for us both in our first conversation is for me to understand your business, your needs and the real value to your solution. It's then that I can determine the best associated price that is tailored for your business.

Why does my business need branding?

Brand is what you’ll be remembered for. Establishing your branding - your look, sound, voice, benefit, value, values, goals and defining your ideal customer - is the game of long term brand identity building for business success. It's what helps people connect with, trust and perceive your business as more valuable to them over others.

What does branding include?

Not all projects are equal in their scope. Typically, branding with G'day Frank includes: - Discovery meeting (half-full day) - Brand strategy/identity strategy - Messaging - Visual Identity - Brand guidelines (incl. style guide) - Business card template

How long does it take?

1-3 months typically* The timeline looks like this:

  • Agreements (1 week)
  • Discovery meeting (half-full day)
  • Strategy (1 week) - Messaging (1-2 weeks)
  • Visual Identity (2-4 weeks)
  • Brand guidelines (1 week)
  • Business card template (1 week)

Also allowing for revisions & billings
*Typical branding timeline based on small business identity

Isn’t marketing & ads more important?
Well, can your ads and marketing look and sound identifiably YOU, without branding?

It’s a symbiotic relationship. For example, at first contact with a new audience, marketing and ads help find your ideal customer. While branding helps you to be recognised and engaged with.

WTF is strategy? Because I don’t get it.

It is a bit of a buzzword. There are two parts to ‘strategy’ that I work with clients to develop. Brand Strategy is looking at your current brand problems and long term brand goals to become a unique, identifiable and memorable brand. One strategy could be a new identity. The Brand Identity Strategy tells us what needs to be developed to be those 3 things.

What if I think I don't need a strategy?

How can you score if you don't know where the goal is? Strategy is what helps us to understand where you’re at and identify where you want to go, to best succeed. THIS alone, I believe, is far more valuable to your business in achieving its goals, compared to just designing a logo that I know won’t solve your biz problems. Your brand is more than its logo.

What does messaging actually involve?
Developing how your brand communicates.

My brand, G’day Frank talks with a genuine Aussie tone of voice. My brand language is aimed at helping those I serve to understand the value of branding for their business. My tagline and call-to-action is ‘Say G’day Today’. The way I greet people is, “G’day I’m Frank” or “G’day Frank speaking”.

Is a visual identity just the logo, or is it more?
Yep, more than a logo.

A visual identity can include:
- A logo and several variations
- Typefaces/fonts (free, paid or custom)
- Brand colours
- Graphic elements/illustrations
- Photography/image treatment
- Animated logo/graphics

Along with a guide that shows how all is used

But all I want is a logo, not branding...
Do you like a pie without any filling?

It’s what’s inside that makes it taste as good as it looks. Branding really is no different. Your logo will be a unique identifier for customers to know it’s your business. But it’s empty without an identity that connects, just like we connect with the personality of a friend and not just with their appearance.

Do you do more than just branding?
Sure do!

Some of the services I can offer:
- Stationery design
- Signage - Packaging
- Brochures/Flyers
- Social media branding
- Websites
- Photography/Videography (local only)

*some may require 3rd party partners